Makeup bag Essentials

Makeup bag Essentials

Topshop lip care
$12 –

Sun care

Forever 21 bags case

Clinique eyeshadow
$47 –

Bare Escentuals makeup

NYX face powder

H M makeup brush
$8.35 –

Lip shine

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There’s this part in Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the movie, not the TV series) where Buffy is slow-dancing with Luke Perry, and he whispers into her ear “You’re not like other girls.” And Buffy replies “Yes I am.”

That exchange has been ringing in my head like a gong since 1992, and I’m still trying to figure out what it means.

In the movie’s context, it comes at a moment where Buffy doesn’t want to accept the responsibility of being a slayer, so the line is a moment of denial, a stall in the narrative, right before vampires attack the school dance and she has to take them out in a whirl of roundhouse kicks and flaming hairspray. It’s sort of the movie’s tagline: she can’t face her destiny, she’s afraid of being special, she just wants to be a regular teenager. But, like Ulysses or Arjuna or Luke Skywalker…

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Slightly Obsessed!

I love Tea ! Can you tell?! So I’ve been trying to cut out all sugary drinks and narrow it down to just tea and water. And with an exception of a cup of coffee every now and then. A girl loves her coffee as well. Well it’s been going good so far. I feel better and more energized, which is good because I always tend to lose energy throughout the day. Having a 11-month old and no energy is a major negative. The tea that helps me with that is the “Yogi- raspberry passion perfect energy tea” I can’t believe I just discovered the existence of Yogi tea. Best tea ever! I’m in love with their detox teas too. So with that being said, I did some more research on the Yogi tea and I ordered more on amazon. (Excited)